This looks like it will be amazing for so many reasons... well at least two anyway haha!  

The soon to be masterpeice is set for release soon you can check out the preview here tho! 


Just wanted to send a quick shout out to the True Blue Aussie genius that invented the goon bag and then patented it on the 20th April 1965 ... 52 years ago now! 

For the hardened connisseur of wallet friendly wines this thing was a godsend as it kept the wine with fresh for much longer and with a little lung power doubled as a pillow once you've drunk the 4 litres of wine contained within! Responsible for countless spews, blackouts and regrettable decisions this thing has certainly etched itself into the history of this fine country! 


Dead Kelly is an australian band that don't play live but seemed to have gained a huge following on the heavy metal internet underground in Australia and Abroad. Their metal is tight and true blue to the core. Do yourself a favour and have a listen to this beast of a band here's them covering Goanna's classic song "Solid Rock" 


Dead Kelly - Solid Rock - click to view!



this is just a test. I wasn't happy with the way that word press looked so I decided to try again with Joomla and I'm much happier with the results so we'll be doing the website in this format from now on.



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